Downhole Drilling Services, LLC

DDS MWD/LWD Tools - Innovative 21st Century Technology!

"State of the Art" TOLTEQ iSeries MWD/LWD Systems demonstrates the DDS commitment to offer the absolute most advanced guidance system available. These innovative instruments are producing MTBF records, blazing data acquisition rates, real time shock & vibe, higher gamma resolution, greater LCM handling capabilities and an extreme operating temperature of 329°F/165°C for tough as nails tools for accurate, reliable data. !


DDS MWD/LWD Tools - Advanced Features & Mechanical / Enviromental Specs

  • Shock, Vibe, Temp & RPM-Real Time & Recorded
  • Rotational Detection Software Enhances Log Quality
  • Operational/Logging Data Recorded Internally
  • Tool Sequence Programmable On Site
  • Smart Power Management Enhances Battery Life
  • Fluxgate Magnetometers & Quartz-Flexure Accelerometers
  • Wireline Retrievable & Re-Insert-able
  • Polaris Logging w/Offsite Monitoring Capabilities
  • Operating Temp 329°F/165°C Survival 365°F/185°C
  • Vibration/Random 20g RMS, 15-500 HZ
  • Pulser LCM Capabilities 35-45 LBS/ BBL
  • MAX Hydrostatic Pressure, Mpa: 20,000 psi
  • Inclination Absolute +/- 0.1°
  • Azimuth (Dip Ang. @ <70°) @10° Inc. Absolute +/-1.0°                                             @90° Inc. Absolute +/-0.5°
  • Tool Face, Axial Rotation +/- 1.0° Total g

DDS MWD/LWD What Sets Us Apart?

  • Effective 99% success rate for motor performance between all customers in 2014.
  • Senior Horizontal Directional Drilling Personnel - Average experience at DDS is 10.7 years.
  • Experienced Drillers for High Torque/ High Performance Mud Motors for MAX ROP Applications.
  • Strict quality control procedures of our motor fleet have been created and implemented by our team. We take ownership of our success and failure as a team. Our success rate proves our culture!
  • Professional meets Personal - We expect and demand the best of ourselves and aim to meet the goals, questions and concerns of our customers quickly and effectively.

  • DDS attributes success to implementing a family philosophy through the ranks. There are over 100 dedicated professionals who understand they are valued team members and integral in producing exceptional performance with the world's most advanced MWD/LWD and MUD MOTOR technology.