Downhole Drilling Services, LLC

DDS Well Planners & Technicians - Commitment - Teamwork!

Teamwork by well planners dedicated to accuracy, conscientious mud motor maintenance and MWD/LWD technicians make "DDS a well-oiled machine" to quote one of our most respected customers after inspecting the DDS headquarters in Broussard, LA.


COMPASS / Directional Well Planning Software

Landmark's COMPASS directional well planning software is the industry's premiere application for directional path planning, survey data management, plotting and anti-collision analysis. This system, designed for both oil companies and directional drilling contractors, improves safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of directional well programs. COMPASS includes user-friendly tools such as multiple 2D and 3D planning methods, cost and re-entry optimization, plotting, survey data analysis, and driller's target generation.